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National Day of Fasting and Prayer 10 February 2018

30 Jan , 2018,
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Church 4 Life is honoured to join with Christ followers across Australia as we fast and pray together for our nation. Will you join us on Sunday 10 February 2018 for this vital and moving spiritual moment.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:5 “And WHEN you pray…” and in verse 16 “And WHEN you fast…” not IF we pray and IF we fast. So it is a commandment we should all follow, to pray and to fast.

There is great power when God’s people join together in prayer. Our national needs so much prayer at this time. We need the Holy Spirit to move across our land and draw the people we love to a living, real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here’s some ideas of how to pray:

  • Pray for our leaders – local, state and federal government, leaders of business, police, defence and education, pastors and influencers.
  • Pray for Aussie battlers – those struggling with finance issues, relationship issues, illness, joblessness and the homeless. Pray for the ministries and charities and Centrelink who help people with these needs.
  • Pray for our safety and our soldiers. We are blessed to live in a peaceful land, yet our defence force needs our prayer as they fight on our behalf to keep us safe.
  • Pray for Aussie families, for strengthening of marriage and family relationships.
  • Pray for revival, that it will start in us and move through our church and communities.
  • Pray for new Aussies – new immigrant, refugees and international students.
  • Pray for our farmers – many parts of our land are struggling under drought. Let’s pray for our food provision.
  • Pray for those who are seeking the truth, peace, forgiveness and peace that only Jesus Christ can give, that they find Him this year.
  • Take a moment to think of all the people you saw today – coworkers, shop assistants, truckies, the doctor, your neighbour, boss, kid’s teacher, actor on tv…. take a moment and pray for them, as real people. Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you pray.

For more prayer points, studies on prayer and to connect with other prayers, check out



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