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1 Million Kilos By Christmas!

20 Nov , 2020,
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Thanks to the generosity of donors like you all over the Hunter and Central Coast we could, for the first time ever, reach the miracle target of saving 1 MILION Kilos in 1 year of clothes, shoes, linens, bags and jewellery from going into landfill! Instead these millions of items have found new homes across the globe and provided much needed jobs (and clothes!) to people in a year of high unemployment around the world.

Despite all that 2020 has thrown at us, together, we have made a huge difference by passing on our unwanted clothes to other people to wear.

We just need 5,000 extra donations of 5 bags or more to be collected from homes before Christmas to make this miracle happen.

Would your family and friends be able to fill 5 bags of quality second hand clothes, shoes, linens, bags and jewellery to help us reach this goal?

Simply text 0466842101 with your address to arrange a collection of your donation from your house and pop your donation out by your letterbox on the pick up day.

Follow our Facebook page to watch as together we reach for the Miracle Target of 1 Million Kilos By Christmas!

Thank you!

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