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Join us for Church Online

2 Apr , 2020,
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Church 4 Life is still meeting. We are meeting online.

You can join us Live on Sundays at 10:30am at one of these places:

  1. Our website  Church 4 Life Live
  2. Our Facebook page Church 4 Life Australia
  3. Our YouTube channel Church 4 Life
  4. Retro Cristo’s YouTube Channel

And / or you can catch up with us 24/7 on any of these.

We will be adding extra Love and Light on our Facebook page during the week.

If you need prayer for anything at the moment please feel free to email us at and our church will pray for you.

Let’s keep praying together for our country, our world and our leaders who are doing their best to guide us through this time.


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  1. Judith Lennon August 24, 2020 at 2:20 pm Reply

    I am ever so GRATEFUL to have The Baptist Church in my thoughts each day.
    As a child I was picked up each sunday and taken to the church for Sunday School meetings which showed me how and when to contact wit The Lord…..
    As an adult I am still thinking of the nature of teaching that was given to me a a child and how I was treated byThe Baptist Church…
    I am ever so Grateful for each and every Sunday that was given to me…..

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