Rescue Aussies from Isolation |

Rescue Aussies from Isolation

Getting out of Isolation and returning to a full life won’t be easy for everyone. Some people will need us to give them a helping hand.

This is Debbie’s Story

When we met Debbie 3 years ago she was stuck in isolation. A random injury caused her a series of health problems, ending her career and stopping her ability to do life as before. Then her church closed and as a single Mum of a child with special needs, her world shrunk and depression descended.

We were able to offer Debbie Connection, Purpose and Hope. She joined our volunteer Packing Party at Boolaroo and as the weeks rolled by her life radically changed. Within six months she was off her antidepressants, she had made new friends and found her calling.

Debbie is the face of, and the brains behind, our monthly Garage Sales at Boolaroo. It is her way of giving back and reaching out to people in our community to offer connection. She knows all our regulars by name. It is her favourite day of each month.

Debbie says” I can’t thank Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors enough. They rescued me from isolation and helped me reconnect with God and people. I honestly don’t know where I would be today without them. Please give generously so we can change the lives of other people who are stuck in isolation like I was.”

“We are very concerned that after the Co-Vid 19 restrictions are lifted, many people will get stuck in isolation and need some help to get free and back to enjoying life. Together we can help them more Aussies. “

Pastor Richard Nash

Causes of Isolation include:

Unemployment, divorce, death of a loved one, moving cities, friends moving away, illness, injury, leaving school or uni without direction, mental illness, loneliness, single parenting, fear, anxiety, depression.


Gail Taylor - Business Director

“As the Business Director I’m torn between my heart and budget. Every day I see people we have helped, lives that have been changed through our blue bags.

And I see the need is growing. We have been steadily expanding each year to help more and more people. Our plans for 2020 were to reach out further than ever… and then coronavirus hit. 2020 has turned out to be a very difficult for us, as it has for everyone. The need is bigger than ever before but unfortunately our income has dropped significantly due to the economic situation.

We need a miracle. We are hoping our donors will be part of that miracle and give generously so that together we can rescue more people than ever before in this very difficult time.”


Isolation is not a Co-Vid 19 pandemic problem. Anyone, anytime, can get stuck in isolation and struggle to get free. Coronavirus has simply multiplied the problem exponentially in a very short space of time.

How much will you give today?






All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Tax receipts will be emailed in the first week of July so you can claim your tax return.