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Fiji Cyclones Appeal

6 Feb , 2021,
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Will You Help Fiji?

Helping the poor in Fiji was the spark that started our Clothing Collection Charity. Now our friends in Fiji have been devastated by 2 cyclones in 6 weeks! First Cyclone Yasa just before Christmas and now Cyclone Ana this week.

Two of the churches where the community is helped have been severely damaged. One lost it’s roof and another had flood water rush through to ceiling height. Many people in their community have lost the little they had (and they are too poor to have insurance), including homes and micro businesses.

We are urgently asking for donations of summer clothing, shoes and linens to be dropped at our church hall at 30 Sixth St Boolaroo so we can send 2 containers to Fiji ASAP to help these people.

Donations can be left on the veranda of the back hall at Church 4 Life at 30 Sixth St Boolaroo 24/7.

Please no books, toys or bric a brac. Just clothes, shoes, linen, bags and jewellery.

If you would like make a financial tax deductable gift you can make a secure donation so here .

On behalf of all the people we help in Fiji – Thank You!

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