Clothing Collection FAQs

How do I contact Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors?

The best way to contact us is via text message on 0466 842 101 with your name, address and query.

You can also call us on that number. If you leave a message please include your address and phone number and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

If you leave a message on Facebook we may not get it for a few days so a text is best.

I have just picked up your flyer saying you will collect from my house today. Have I missed you?

We try to give a minimum of four days warning of our collection day. Occasionally our distributors deliver a couple of days too soon. You can expect us to call on the stated day next week. If we don’t, please call our number to arrange to make a special pick up.

I have more to donate than the bag you gave me. Can I give more than this one bag?

You are welcome to give us as much quality clothes, shoes, linen etc. as you like. Simply put them in garbage or shopping bags and place them near your letterbox on the day of your collection.

What if it’s raining?

If it is raining or looks like rain still put your bags out but please ensure to tie the top of the bags.

Must I phone to let you know I’m putting some bags out or will you just come anyway?

No. We will automatically come down your street. Please be sure to put your bags out by 8am (or the night before) so they are ready for our collectors.

If you’ve been away and are not sure if your collection was last week or this week please feel free to phone or text and ask.

If you think you have been missed, we will call back if you text us your address.

Are you able to tell me what time you’ll be in my street?

Our collectors usually have a whole day’s work ahead of them when they leave our warehouse in the morning. They could be in your street any time between 8am to 6pm.

Please leave your bags out all day as we do our best to collect your donation before we knock off.

My bag/flyer said my donation would be picked up yesterday and it’s still here. What should I do?

We do miss a few houses each week. If we miss you please text or call us on 0466 842 101 and we’ll arrange a collection in a day or two. We really appreciate these calls/texts.

I’ve missed my day. Have I missed out?

If you’ve missed your regular collection day please call us on 0466 842 101 and we will coordinate a pick-up with other houses near you. Or you may drop your clothes off at our warehouse (see below).

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How often are you in my area?

We plan be in your area approximately every 8 – 10 weeks.

If you have a clean out in between times you are welcome to phone us and make alternative arrangements to drop them off at our office, op shop or for a pick up.

How will I know when you’re coming to my area?

A bag will be delivered to your letterbox 3-7 days prior to us collecting in your area to give you some time to gather your donations.

Where can I drop my donation off?

Donations can be dropped at our church hall 24/7 at 32 Sixth St Boolaroo. Just leave them on the veranda at the top of the stairs near the sign.

Donations can also be dropped off at our Tanilba Bay Op Shop (See Map) during opening hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

What do you accept?

We are looking for good quality clothes, shoes, handbags, linens (sheets, table clothes, doilies, curtains etc.), blankets, towels, soft toys, hard toys (not broken please), jewellery and power tools.

Please no boxes, books, cushions or suitcases with your clothing. By placing your donation of clothes in plastic bags this allows us to be as efficient and economical as possible in the bailing and shipping process.

Unfortunately we cannot accept furniture, bric a brac or household items at this time.

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Can I leave my clothes on my veranda/porch/carport?

We ask that you leave your donation bags next to your letterbox so they are clearly visible from the road so our collectors can see them.

As we have had the wrong items picked up in the past collectors are no longer allowed on your property. Thank you for understanding. If you have any concerns or questions about this please call us.

You said to call with questions, do I have to call or are text messages ok?

We are happy to help you either by call or text so feel free to use either way.

Do you have an Op Shop?

Yes we do. Our Op Shop is at the Kooindah Centre, President Wilson Walk, Tanilba Bay. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and Saturday from 9am to 12pm.

Do you take furniture, bric a brac, toys, books etc?

Yes, we do take quality second hand toys (unbroken, with all the pieces), both soft toys and hard toys. Please place toys in separate bags or a cardboard box.

No, we are unable to take furniture, bric a brac and household items at this time.

Where do the clothes go?

Your donations will go to various places around the globe, depending on where the needs are at the time. Places they may end up include various countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Pacific Islands etc.

Why are the clothes sold and not given away?

You’ve heard the saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life.” Thanks to the generosity of Australians in donating their unwanted items, and those processing the clothes keeping costs as low as possible, we are able to provide employment opportunities that “teach a man to fish” who may otherwise not even have a job. These jobs help local people to provide for their families and help boost local economies.

The other important part of on-selling the clothes is that it makes this whole process repeatable. In 1992-4 we were privileged to send 2 shipping containers of clothes to Mozambique (then the poorest country on earth) where the people had so little they were dressing themselves in tree bark – literally. Because the clothes were given away in Mozambique we could only do the process twice before our funding dried up and we couldn’t continue.

With our current process of selling clothes cheaply we are able to cover all the associated expenses of collecting and sending the clothes which enables us to repeat this process and help many more hundreds of thousands of people. Surplus profits can be used to help Aussies in need.

Thank you for your kind consideration. Your generosity is appreciated by all who benefit from your gift.

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