Global Life

Church 4 Life has always had a heart for people on a global level as well as local. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ commands us to reach all people everywhere with His love and message of hope. We understand this to be holistic, and that we should aim to help meet both the natural and spiritual needs people have, to the best of our capacity.


We believe the Lord Jesus has clearly directed us to develop a clothing distribution program. Whilst facilitating an opportunity to recycle unwanted clothing from local Australian donors, this program is reaching across the globe to provide clothing and other goods, employment and other consequential helps to those in need. For more details and a brief history click here.

Clothing Collection FAQ’s here or Contact: 0466 842 101


Over the years Church 4 Life has taken ministry teams to places all over the world including, India, El Salvador and the Philippines. We have witnessed many miracles Jesus has done in all of these places. In recent years God has given us a real heart focus towards the nation of Fiji. As well as continued occasional efforts towards other nations, we are developing stronger ties with the Body of Christ in Fiji, and we are looking forward to building further relationship so we can encourage and be encouraged in the faith.