Learning and Living the Bible

Our Values:

Learning and Living the Bible

At Church 4 Life our first value is “learning and living the Bible” as we see it as a key to living the best life possible, the life God has intended for us. There are many reasons to learn and live the Bible, which include:

  1. Learning to know God’s Voice.
  2. Learning to know who God is, what His character is like, how He behaves, how He sees us.
  3. A deeper understanding of what we believe so we can share our faith.
  4. Constantly learning and growing in knowing what God expects from us and how to live the Christian life.
  5. We need to know our Bibles so we can spot and reject lies and false teaching that take us away from Jesus.
  6. It increases our faith and helps us navigate life’s challenges.
  7. God wrote it for us to read and know, it’s a love letter, an instruction book, a comfort, a guide, a prophesy for our future.

Reading or listening to the Bible daily is a vital part of our faith. If you need help with this please speak to Pastor Richard or Pastor Ba.


10 Ways to Learn the Bible

  1. Read or listen to the Bible every day.
  2. Memorise Bible verses – this helps God’s Word stick in your head, grow in your heart and increase your understanding of the Bible.
  3. Many church songs have been put to music and are a great way to memorise, learn and understand scripture. (Google “scripture in song” for suggestions).
  4. Meditate (stop and intentionally think about) what you’ve read.
  5. Take your Bible to church to read along and check that what the pastor is saying is true.
  6. Ask questions – ask other Christians, ask your pastor, ask the Holy Spirit.
  7. Join a Bible Study Group so you can do in depth learning of a particular topic or book.
  8. Read the Bible alongside a concordance or Bible reference book.
  9. Write in a notebook or journal what you are learning, your questions and the answers God gives you.
  10. Stop and imagine the live scene of what you read. Make it a movie in your mind, not just words, imagine what Noah’s flood, the Good Samaritan, Creation would have looked, sounded and smelt like.


10 Ways to Live the Bible

  1. Pray and ask Jesus, the God who lived as a man, how to live what you have read in the Bible.
  2. Study the Bible to see for the “how to’s” like how to love your neighbour, when to forgive, how to pray, what to eat etc.
  3. Start where you are, do what you know God wants you to do and then move onto the next thing. Living the Bible is a journey of growth not an overnight wonder.
  4. Give yourself the grace God gives you to try, make a mistake, and try again.
  5. Read the book of Proverbs for snippets of wisdom and then add them into your life e.g. Proverbs 20:3 “It is honourable for a man to stop striving, since any fool can start a quarrel.”
  6. Pray about what you read, even praying the scripture exactly as it is, e.g. “God I pray that you will bring into my life “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” as your Word says in Galatians 5:22.”
  7. Look for clues for on how God sees you to build an accurate view of your value and then act like the son or daughter of God that you are.
  8. Attend church regularly so you can learn how to live the Bible and share the lessons of the journey with other believers.
  9. Be brave – as the Bible teaches – and give it a go, try a new action, trust God’s love and wisdom in giving the instructions for us to follow.
  10. Talk to other believers about how they live the Bible and try doing the same things.


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